Liquid Silver Star 2 Zim's Website (Accessible)
Text reading 'Welcome to my website!'

Hi! I'm Zim, and this is my website! I'm here so I can participate in the revival of the old web as best I can. Check out the navigation menu to see content - this page is just an introduction!

This is specifically an accessible version of my main website for photosensitive users. It's still incomplete compared to my main site, but it will ultimately have all the functionality of the main site except for things that cannot be made fully safe for photosensitivity (like gifypet, for example).

If you want your site's button to be on my "more sites" page, let me know! As long as I don't see anything objectionable, I'll probably add you. Also, let me know if you want your site removed from there, or moved to "friends' sites" if we get to know each other better.

Feel free to ask me questions about my code and/or reverse engineer it through inspect element. I don't care if you copy it.

I'd like to add more pages to my website, but I'm running out of ideas... If you have requests or ideas for pages you'd like to see, let me know!


Click here to see a page with buttons from my friends' sites, my other sites, and a variety of other sites I like. Proceed with caution, though - some of these buttons have bright colors and/or gifs. They are all small, though, so I wanted to give everyone a chance to see them if so desired. Keep in mind, though, the sites themselves sometimes have bright and animated elements, too.


STATUS: More pages coming soon!

9/30/2022: All major structural pages live, I just have to work on getting the individual character pages and blog posts converted.

9/30/2022: Created accessible version of webpage.



Put any suggestions you have for the website here. These are 100% anonymous and won't be posted publicly.